Breast Cancer

by: Liz D. and Ike O.

Risk Behaviors 

* Being Obese

*Being Female

* Using Hormone Replacement Therapy (during menopause)

* Taking birth control pills

*Drinking Alcohol

* Having Children after the age of 35/not having children

*Having a high breast density

*Having your period before age 12

*Having menopause after 55

* Possessing the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes


*Unusual Lump or thickening that feels unnatural on the
  surrounding tissue

* Changes in size/appearance

*Redness, flaking or peeling skin around the skin

*Flow of fluid from the nipple

*Swollen lymph nodes

*Shortness of breath

*yellowing of the skin around the area

Treatment for Breast Cancer


  -removal of the tumor

  -removal of the entire breast



*Medication (to block hormones/estrogen from attaching to cancer cells)

Prevention Tips

Avoid all risk behaviors/conditions that you have control over

  -exercise regularly

  -eat healthier 

  -Avoid smoking/drinking

*Have your breasts screened by a doctor at least once a year even if you have no symptoms (males included)


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Breast Cancer

by isokonkwo0218


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