The Alternative World of Tomorrow

A dramatic background

- Global warming

- Rising of water levels

- Wars, Political corruptions, Natural disasters, massive migrations

- A lot of problems....

We have no more time

- In 2012, a scientific study from 22 specialists in the revue « Nature » 

One conclusion : We have less than 20 years to change the way

- Changes and impacts on our lives

- We have to be prepare and to anticipate our transition

How can we make this changes ?

- We need exampls :

→ actions and initiatives we can set up (mettre en pratique) today

→ Draw from (s'inspirer de) alternative projects in France and in the world 


First part : From production to alimentation

- How can we product and feed humans alternatively ?

- « The Incredible Edible » (Les incroyables comestibles)

- Detroit : the garden city

Second part : Imagine your life tomorrow in a different world

- The Suedish case

- "Do it yourself"

- Tiny-house : how can we housing differently ?


From production to alimentation

→  How can we product and feed humans alternatively ?

- In the next generation, 2 billion more people on the earth

- How we will feed these people without continuing to detroy nature ?

First advice : Consuming local and seasonal produce from organic production method

-Second advice : Producing his own vegetables

« The Incredible Edible » (Les incroyables comestibles)

- Born in England (Todmorden, York Shire)

- The aim : to provide access to good local food, produce by people for people from the same town, the same village, or the same school

- No obligations, just sharing and working all together, connecting people to each other

« The Incredible Edible » (Les incroyables comestibles)

Detroit : The garden city

- From 1950 to 2016 the population dropped (chuter)  from 2.000.000 to 700.000 inhabitants.

83% of the population is poor

- In this critical social context was born "Keep Growing Detroit" (Continue de cultiver/faire grandir Detroit) with 20000 volunteers

- To developp urban farming, education related to farming and to reforest the city

So, what happened next in Detroit ?

Since 1998

→ 14000 childrens learned to grow vegetables and fruits

 85000 trees were planted

600 adults were formed to organic farming

→ 3000 farms and community gardens were created in neighbourdoods, schools, streets, prisons, public parks

Imagine your life tomorrow in a different world

Imagine what will be your life tomorrow, in a more responsible world, wich choose the way of substainable developpement.....

The Suedish Case

A law adressed to the Sueden parlement wants to promote reparation of commons items like cycles, clothes, computers or electrical goods

The objective : limitate massive consumption and planned obsolescence

- Advantages : reduction on your tax if you chose to repair your broken objects

"Do it yourself" (fais le toi même)

- The goal is to repair, to reuse, recycling old items, to share knowledge and techniques.

- Where can you practice ? Everywhere, and more precisely in "Repair café" 

- "Repair café", concept born in 2009 in Amsterdam. 1134 "repair café" in the world

- A place where lover of hand-working help people who need to repair their items, organized by and for local residents

- 3 repair café Near from Valenciennes: in Lille, in Villeneuve d'Ascq and in Roubaix

« Tiny-house » : How can we housing differently ? 

- "Tiny-house" = minuscule maison

- A new social and architectural trend (tendance) born in the USA and Canada

- To reduce volontary his consumption, and his ecological impact, to get back to basics, and essential things of life

- Mesures :  between 10 and 50 square meter (m²)

- Cost : between 10000 and 20000 euros

- Equipped with a green roof, a rain collector, LED lights, solar panels, ecological and composting toilets...

- The  way to be owner of his property without been subject to a bank loan for years, and a manner to live in harmony with nature, for a richer life and for more freedom


- There is no one solution, one way to follow. 

- We can be inspire by a multitude of postive exampls, all around us. 

- Small actions lead to great things, give exampls to other people


- "Demain : un nouveau monde en marche" Domaine du possible, Acte Sud 




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