Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard's early life

Julia Eileen Gillard was born on September the 29th 1961 in Barry, Wales. Her father John Gillard ,her mother Moira Gillard and a big sister Allison.

When Julia was five, her family moved to Adelaide where she was raised.

Who is Julia Gillard?

Julia Gillard is a former prime minister of australia. She was the first female prime minister in australia . Julia was the 27th prime minister. Julia gillard married Tim Mathieson.

Julia‘s political life.

Julia got first elected into the house of representatives in the year 1998 as the seat of Lalor. In the 2001 election she got elected the shadow cabinet.

On the December 4th, 2006 Julia became the first female deputy leader of australia. She got elected for prime minister on the 24 june 2010.

Julia Gillard’s achievements

The biggest achievement was the national disability insurance scheme(NDIS). The NDIS is a way of supporting people with disabilities , their Families and Carers. The NDIS helps about 460’000 people under the age of 65.

Primary school

Julia went to primary school at Mitcham Demonstration school.

High school

Julia went to Unley High school.


Julia went to University of Melbourne ,Melbourne law school and University of Adelaide

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