The Story Of My Life

The day I was born...

February 12 2003, was the day my mom gave birth to me.This event is important to me because if I was not born I would not be here today. I would never have met the beautiful family I have.

,was the day of my baptism. My Uncle Arturo was my God Dad. Even though I did not get to pick him as my God Dad my parents picked him. They made a great decision because I love him so much and when we go to Mexico he is always taking care of me.

Moving/Making new friends

In 2009, my kindergarten year my parents decided to move to a better community. That meant leaving my school and making new friends. It was harder for me to make friends because I only spoke one language "Spanish".

My first communion 

December 26 2013, was the day of my first communion. I was in Mexico with all my family and friends. I had a beautiful big white dress, with my crown. It was the day of the big celebration ive been waiting and been studied for 2 years straight. My Aunt Mary is now now my God Mom I remeber me telling her i wanted her as a God Mom through video chatting because I could not wait to tell her until winter.

Leaving Elemetry/Entering Middle School

Summer 2014, was ending my 5th grade year. We have our 5th grade graduation.We had our end of the year party. It was time to enter Middle School. Middle school was scary because most of my friends left to King middle school so that means to make more new friends.

Cheer Try-outs 

Entering middle I wanted to be a cheerleader. Cheer try-outs came along and I tried out. Sadly, I did not get into the cheer team. That taught me to have more energy in what i want to accomplish. But that was not going to stop me from trying out for High school Cheer.

Cornation Ball 

On March 23 2016,I represented CAP 7th grade. For me that was a great day because I got to represent an activity I enjoy and like to participate in.

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The story of my life

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