Human Impact Project 

By: Alexus  Cochran& Kortney Shifflett 

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan Dam is one of the largest embankment dam in the world. In the middle Egyptian desert lies on the largest dam.

The Aswan High Dam impacts humans with farming downstream from the dam.

Usually when the river floods once a year before the dam was built.

Hoover Dam 

President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated what was then the worlds biggest witch is the hoover dam. 

The Hoover Dam took 5 years to construct. It was built to control flooding along the Colorado River .

The Hoover Dam spurred tremendous growth in that part of the United States.

Colorado River

The Colorado river length is 1450 miles. The river flows through the seven U.S. states. The Colorado river supplies water to more than 25 million people. It is one of the homes to one  of the seven natural wonders.

Ring Of Fire

The ring of fire is a major area in the basin of the pacific ocean. Where the ring of fire is there is a lot of earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions that occur. it is associated with nearly continuous series of ocean trenches.


Tsunamis is a series of ocean waves caused by an underwater earthquakes, landslides,or volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis can be generated by a giant metor impact with the ocean. The waves reach heights of over 100ft. About 80% of them are in the pacific ocean.


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