Digital Footprint

There is a record of everything you do online

Everything you buy online is stored in a database

Once you buy a product, the store will email you asking if you liked what you received and in the event that you were pleased, include a list of other similar products

Online receipts track when and where you make all of your purchases

Death Of Distance

There is a death of digital distance

Transatlantic cables were created, connecting countries to one another

These cables are no longer just for an exchange of words

Information travels at the speed of light, making it now possible for someone to place an order from a store based out of China from their home in Davis, California

This order will be processed at incredible speeds, and your order will be confirmed within seconds

Space of Flows

What matters is not the geographical space, but rather the flow of information

Space is defined by where you are in the network

Closeness and proximity no longer matters as much

Someone's favorite boutique to frequent no longer has to be around the corner, it could be a weekly virtual visit to an online boutique in Australia 


Algorithms make decisions on what type of information is given to which people and when

The Internet is capable of predicting people's behavior

Below is an example of my Facebook feed advertising 2 websites I shopped on in the past week

Once you shop for a specific product or at a certain store, you will notice ads for these products/places starting to pop up on every website you visit

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