Snowboarding in Slovenia

By: Yzsabella Raville

        An engineer named Sherman Poppen made a toy for his daughters. He did this by fastening two skis together and putting a rope to one end so they could control it as they stand on the board to guide it downhill. The engineer's wife (Nancy) said it’s called “snurfer.” Snowboarding originated in 1965 and started in Muskegon, Michigan.

       The general rules of snowboarding were designed by ski resorts to protect the individual on the slopes. Some general rules for snowboarding are to control yourself and your equipment, at all times. Don’t go at dangerous speeds, and don’t snowboard around fences, ropes, or any closed trails. It is an individual sport you are snowboarding by yourself. The length of the slope depends on how long you will be there on the slope snowboarding.  

     When you are competing snowboarding there are different categories you will be scored on. Here are the different categories: line choice, control, fluidity, technique, style, and energy. The penalties could be falling on the course, and missing gates. The equipment you would use during snowboarding is a board, boots, goggles, a helmet, gloves, a mask, bandana, neck gaiter, Balaclava, wrist guards, knee guards, butt guards, heavy jacket, heavy pants, light jacket, and light pants.  

       Basic strategies in snowboarding are to carry out clean tricks as you go down the course. Also, make sure you have the right equipment to snowboard. When you snowboard make sure you keep your balance. Finally, if you just can't get it right just keep trying. 

      The equipment has improved for the safety and comfort of people. New tricks have been invented for snowboarders to learn. For snowboarders that are racing or doing freestyle rules have been improved to keep people safe instead of crashing into someone.

      In snowboarding there are so many different events that the size of the course depends on which event you are doing. In major contests, between the takeoffs and landing jumps can be a range from 30-80 feet.The dimensions of a snowboarding course just depends on what you are doing or what event you are doing at the time.

          Slovenia has many different leagues, but here are the leagues they have that I found. Slovenia plays in the Olympics Games. They also have played in the cup games because Slovenians had to cancel one year due to the lack of snow. They have won a world cup and have won in the Olympic Games.

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Snowboarding in Slovenia

by 22yfraville


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