Technology in the world of

Engineering and Design

What do we use technologies for?

- To see what is currently existing

- Help communicate our ideas

- Help us design our ideas

- Help us construct our ideas

Do they actually help?

- For the most part?

- Allows for more accuracy and complexity

- Assist collaboration

- Strengthen understanding and certainty

- Can distract people from the actual content

- Can mislead with false representation


Measuring Existing

- Topographical surveys

- 3D scans

- Photogrammetry

- Aerial / drones

- GIS / mapping

Topographical Surveys

3D Scans

3D Scans



Aerial photography

Accidents mapped on GIS

Tree population mapped on GIS

Communicating Ideas

- Hand sketched perspectives

- Digital perspectives

- 3D modelling & rendering

- Argumented reality

- Real-time rendering

- web-based rendering

- Virtual reality

Hand sketched perspectives

Digital perspectives

3D Rendered Perspectives

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Real-time Rendering

Web based rendering


- 3D modelling

- Real-time rendering / editing

- Tiltbrush / VR

- Automation/BIM

- Collaborative design

Real-time 3D modelling

Tilt-brush and VR



- 3D printing

- Automated construction

- Pre-fabrication


3D Printing

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Technology in engineering and design

by ojremary


Unlisted - 11/28/16, 12:01 PM