Information Digitization is the Future

Edith Yuen Kwan Ng

CMN 170

Introduction of iMessage

iMessage is an instant messenger service developed by Apple Inc. It allows users to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages over Wi-Fi, mobile phone Internet access, or other forms of Internet access to other Apple device users. 

When a message is sent to a mobile number, iMessages will automatically check with Apple if the mobile number is set up for iMessage. If it is, then the message will seamlessly transition from SMS to iMessage.


  • Death of the Distance
  • Digital Footprint
  • Timeless Time
  • Poly-Directionality

Death of the Distance

  • Through iMessage you can contact your friends, family, and anyone else despite of distance. Friends and family in other countries will also be able to text you via iMessage, just like any other instant messaging apps. Thus, distances are becoming less important than ever before and people can easily contact each other in just a few seconds. Instead of making international calls, it certainly saves us time and money.

Digital Footprint

  • A digital footprint is a trail left by an individual’s interactions in a digital environment. Digital footprints provide data on what an individual has performed in the digital environment. 
  • A negative digital footprint consists of things on the internet that you would not want to be there. It could be a drunken photo, a silly comment or even logging in to an inappropriate website. 

  • iMessage is just like any other instant messaging apps, and it is completely private and safe from strangers. However, it keeps track of our chatting history, even messages that we have deleted can be easily tracked down again. 

Timeless Time

  • iMessage allows people to send texts, pictures, videos, locations, and many other things at anytime. This is extremely useful for people who are far apart and want to have conversations. There is no need for immediate feedback, and chats reach a person instantly. 


  • Poly-Directionality is the ability to communicate with a single audience member or a group. 
  • iMessage allows both private chats and group chats. A person could send messages to a single person, or to everyone in a group. These messages will reach to everyone at the same time and not necessarily require everyone to be in the same location.

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