Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber was born March 9 1910, in West Chester, PA. And died January 23, 1981 in New York City, NY, the cause, Cancer. He was of course an American composer of many different types of music 1 of course being choral music, others being orchestra, piano, and opera music as well. At the time of his death almost all of his music had been recorded. Most of them becoming very famous for the 20th century like compositions such as "Agnus Dei" for strings and choral concerts. And "Adagio for Strings" which has become one of the most recognized compositions in many concerts and films. Films like "Platoon", and "El Norte".

What music does Samuel Barber make?

Samuel Bunker seems as if he composed pieces that sounded Classical, The pieces he had made were operas, piano, orchestral and choral music. The sound, Melody, and Harmony have the characteristics of Classical songs, His piece Agnus Dei just has the feel of classics and, is sung in Latin which many classical pieces are written in.

Many achievments Samuel have fulfilled was, nearly all of his music had been recorded. Only being 14, he had entered the Curtis Institute of Music located in Philidelphia. He started studying the piano at the age of only 6 and composed his first times work at only 7 years old!

Places He Performed

He had performed in many different places, all he ever did was compose. He also wrote them, and other people had composed and performed for him. And music for him has always been a job and passion, when he was 6 he started playing piano and composed his first piece at the age of 7, then at the age of 14 he went to the Curtis Institute of Music. Through out all of his middle aged years he had a whole flurry of successful compositions and continued to make several more pieces through out his whole entire life. Then he died of cancer at the age of 70 and nearly all of his pieces had been recorded.

How many pieces of music did he write?

Samuel Barber, before he had died had written around 35 pieces of music and nearly every single one of them had been recorded 

What awards had he received?

Samuel Barber had gotten many awards and achievements, He received the Rome Prize, Two Pulitzers, and an election at the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

How did he work?

When Samuel first started writing music in his middle aged years all he ever did was write music and compose.

Who did he marry? 

Samuel Barber had married someone by the name of Gian Carlo Menotti. They shared the same interests, they wrote and composed the same type of music. Mr. Menotti was an Italian composer and written and composed music for the piano and orchestra and choral music. They had both went to the Curtis Institute of Music where they most likely met each other.

Did he have any other jobs?

He actually didn't have any other jobs, his parents wanted him to be an athlete and play football. But he wrote his mother a letter at the age of nine saying that he wanted to do music and followed with that dream and had done it for the rest of his life.

Parents occupation?

His father was a physician and his mother was a pianist.

Did he have any children? 

No, he not only was gay, him and his parter wouldn't have been able to make time for their child.

Any destroyed pieces of work?

All of his work by the time he died, nearly every single one of his pieces had been recorded.

Did he have a religion? 

Samuel Barber had grown up to be a Christian, he played the organ for his local church at the age of seven then went on to write songs about god.

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