Literary Terms 

By: Sydney Chambers 

1st Period 



~ A theme, or central idea, is an underlying message about life or human nature that a writer wants a reader to understand. 


~ The character or voice that relates the story's events to the reader. 


~ The attitude a writer takes towards a subject. It reflects the feelings of the writer. 


~ A symbol is a person, place, an object or an activity that stands for something beyond itself. 


~ The feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for the reader. 


~ The time and place of the action of a short story, drama, novel, narrative poem, or narrative non-fiction work. 


~ Literary technique in which ideas, customs, behaviors, or institutions are ridiculed for the purpose of improving society. 


~ A special kind of contrast between appearance and reality; usually one on which reality is the opposite of what it seems. 

Point of View

~ Refers to the method of narration used in a short story, novel, narrative poem or work of non-fiction. 


~ The way a writer creates and develops character's personalities. 


~ The sequence of events in a story. It focuses on the central conflict, or problem, faced by the main character. 

Citations (link is embeded within word) 

1. Theme
2. Narrator
3. Tone
4. Symbolism 
5. Mood
6. Setting
7. Satire
8. Irony
9. Point of View
10. Characterization
11. Plot

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