Contemporary Examples

The meeting wound down shortly afterward but not before an agitated President Reagan warned once more against leaks.

As I left with an agitated employer, Kemp encouraged me to reach out to him if I wanted to get to know him better.

1.excited; disturbed.

verb (used without object), bristled, bristling.

The hog bristled up.

The man bristled when I asked him to move.

The project bristled with difficulties.

to stand or rise stiffly, like bristles.

to erect the bristles, as an irritated animal (often followed by up):

to become rigid with anger or irritation:



She has a cohort of admirers.

He got off with probation, but his cohorts got ten years apiece.

This is the cohort of all children born in 1980.


1. a group or company:

2. one of the ten divisions in an ancient Roman legion, numbering from 300 to 600 soldiers.

3. any group of soldiers or warriors.

4. an accomplice; abettor:

5. a group of persons sharing a particular statistical or demographic characteristic


[noun kyoo r-it; verb kyoo-reyt, kyoo r-eyt] 

“We curate our merchandise with a sharp eye for trending fashion,” the store manager explained.

There will be a need to curate the growing tsunami of information.

verb (used with object), curated, curating. take charge of (a museum) or organize (an art exhibit):

to curate a photography show. pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content:



So, prepare for continued cultural warfare in the guise of political gridlock.

It is just an old principle in a new guise.

Detectives are looking for a man accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint after meeting her under the guise of selling an iPhone 6. 



general external appearance; aspect; semblance:


assumed appearance or mere semblance:


style of dress:


Archaic. manner; mode.


[in-kahr-ney-shuh n] 

The latest incarnation of Kardashian-bashing is a bit more unexpected - she's in trouble for being robbed.

He raved about Tom Holland's incarnation of Spider-Man.


1. being or form.

2.a living being embodying a deity or spirit.

3.assumption of human form or nature.

5.a person or thing regarded as embodying or exhibiting some quality, idea, or the like:

6.the act of incarnating.

7.state of being incarnated


[in-kur-zhuh n, -shuh n] 

The father of an ex-Niger Delta militant leader has reportedly died following injuries sustained during incursions by the Nigerian military.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday morning that his army's incursion in Syria has resulted in over 900 square kilometers of territory cleared inside northern Aleppo.


1.a hostile entrance into or invasion of a place or territory, especially a sudden one; raid


[per-pech-oo-uh l] 

President Obama warns in a new interview of a future in which a U.S. president could engage in perpetual covert wars “all over the world.

Trump's poor political fit pushes perpetual swing state Colorado out of the battleground.



continuing or enduring forever; everlasting.


lasting an indefinitely long time:

perpetual snow.


continuing or continued without intermission or interruption; ceaseless:



If a tax-exempt nonprofit, including a house of worship, wants to engage in partisan politicking, it can do so by giving up its tax-exempt status.

The Estonian presidential vote was foiled again by party politicking



activity undertaken for political reasons or ends, as campaigning for votes before an election, making speeches, etc., or otherwise promoting oneself or one's policies.

power base

Women2Win, the network the prime minister created at Westminster, was the power base that helped her to the party leadership.

The main thing for us is not to lose at Parkhead because this is our power base.



a source of authority or influence, especially in politics, founded on support by an organized body of voters, ethnic minority, economic class, etc.:

powerbrokeror power broker


He is a results-oriented power broker who built his career on forging alliances to create award-winning urban charter schools.

Geraldo Alckmin, governor of Sao Paulo state, backed the political newcomer against resistance from nearly every other powerbroker in his Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), and in doing so undercut rivals for the presidential nomination in 2018.



a person who wields great political, governmental, or financial power.



Neville Marriner, a prolific British conductor responsible for some of the best-selling classical recordings of all time, died on Sunday at his home.

A panty bandit who police called prolific was caught red-handed Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department said. 


producing offspring, young, fruit, etc., abundantly; highly fruitful:

producing in large quantities or with great frequency; highly productive:

profusely productive or fruitful (often followed by in or of):

a bequest prolific of litigations.

characterized by abundant production


But we would be foolish to see this as surrender as opposed to re-entrenchment for battles ahead. 

Cox's decision is also a concerning reentrenchment of ideas born out of Hobby Lobby about the free exercise of religion through a business.

to place in a position of strength; establish firmly or solidly: safely entrenched behind undeniable facts. 2. to dig trenches for defensive purposes around (oneself, a military position, etc.). verb (used without object)

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