Professional Learning Networking

What is it?

Professional Learning Networking provides educators with a platform to share and discover work. Through social media and online connection educators are able to help each other grow. 

Three reasons to build professional learning networks...

       1. Collaboration is key. As an educator you should recognize that your students all learn differently, so having endless material/ approaches to the same topic will help those struggling maybe start to understand. 

       2. Community based actions. The online networking world is a way for you to present yourself as you would to someone if you were to meet them in person. You can make connections with peers that you never knew and develop relationships with them. You can also stay in contact with those in your area to share material online and even plan meetings in person.

       3. Room for personal growth. There is always an... 

.... opportunity to ask questions from those on these networking sights to help clear up personal confusion. 

Tech Tools to use when developing personal learning network...

1. Pocket- such websites like pocket offer you a chance to personally bookmark and organize websites that are useful. 

2.Twitter- is a great platform that allows user to share ideas and scan through similar post with a simple hashtag search. 

3.Google reader- allows users to search through different blog post. With post offering examples of items such as lessons, activities, and differentiation for students users are able to grow their personal lessons to help fit their wide student base.

Connected minds argued that a teachers view of their students & the students view of them self is definitely differ. Teachers are over estimating what they think students should be able to do. It's important for educators to understand the different aspects of what they are teaching; then they responsible for teaching what they learned to their students. 

Copyright law facts:

1. It is when you claim someone else's work as your own.

2. It is considered copyrightable material after the author creates it.

3. There are several items that can be copyrighted I did not know about (dances, sculptures, & arcitexture). 

Fair use facts:

1. Fair use is the material you need to look for when checking for copyrighting.

2. This was made by professionals so the material in it is to be trusted and followed.

3. Fair use applies when looking at if something is close to being considered copyrighted. 

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