People have many accounts on the web

They cannot manage them easily from anywhere

Registering on websites and apps is painful

It gets worse everyday

This problem is unsolved

There is no solution addressed to the mass 

Password managers market security instead of ease of use

People have different accounts for different purposes

Our solution

A platform that categorizes your web-life 

with e-profiles

The rule: 1 e-mail = 1 e-profile

 Click on a icon and be logged in 

Search a new website and get registered

People love it

In 8 weeks: +1300 pre-registrations

2 universities' IT department interested 

Our vision

Provide Ease for free to anyone

Create value by analyzing online behaviors

We need to create a huge users community

To get there...

Our target


They will provide Ease to students 

with a 1st e-profile filled with university services 

(e-learning, calendar, class content, data bases...)

Then students will add their personal e-profiles

Universities' interest

+ visibility of the services offered to students

=> increase of services'  use

=> design adapted to students

Help students to access all their web in 1 clic

=> no user IDs and password loss anymore

=> time wasting is over (1week/year); better productivity 

"Education 3.0"

=> students integrate their own tools and e-learning

=> they become + efficient + skilled  

Get a better mobility

=> platform web-based

=> multi-device

For 2017

=> notification sender to targeted students

Our Ecosystem

Secret Sauce

Competitors bill users

We bill universities: users get it for free

 Acquiring users brings us money.


1€ / month / student

What we have done so far

Programming started June 20th

Backed by IESEG Incubator and INEAT Conseil

18 300€ fundraised

Agreement with IESEG to implement for September

Meeting #2 planned with EDHEC IT'departments

2 awesome backend developer in the team


Victor Nivet

Launched, ran (100 customers) and sold a 1st business in 25days at 20yo

Benjamin Prigent

Built the light maintenance software (1.3KOLC in VBA) of Roger Dubuis (Richemont Group)


Launched a smartphone repair business for students, catching stream in drop-off points, 5 campuses, 7 technicians

Félix Richard

Master Telecom PariTech security & cryptography 

Sergueï Fisun

Founder of Tap The Green & Student at Epitech 


Yves Delnatte

CEO of INEAT conseil (Euratechnologies)

Alexandre Nicolau

Built the CRM of Roger Dubuis (Richemont Group)

Ioannis Zaferis

Consultant AME in service operation for Caterpillar

Here is the plan

Test the app with 200 students in September

Make a POC with IESEG and EDHEC early October

Get 35 000 users by December

Fundraise 150k to 200K€ by November

Expand to Europe early 2018

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