Known for its high-quality production, HBO is one of the most famous premium cable and television network. Band of Brothers, the Wire and Game of Thrones are all among the top 5 rated series in history on IMDB and they are all produced by HBO. 

Nowadays, Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series and a common topic in people's daily life. 

Game of thrones vs digitalization

--Game of thrones is a fantasy drama television series produced by HBO and premiered in 2011. So far, 60 episodes have been showed and season 6 just finished a couple weeks ago. 

--It is one of the most expensive TV series ever. 6 millions dollars/ episode!!! Green screen, CGI and other visual effects. It is digitalization that makes the epic series possible.

--Although it is a TV series, Game of thrones can also be watched online. The app "HBO Now" allows users to watch their favorite episodes on their phone or computer anytime they want.

--Game of thrones has the largest number in Users rating on IMDB

Timeless Time

Usually, Game of thrones' new episode is released on Sunday night at 6pm pacific time each week. However, some fans may not be available to sit in front of the TV and watch it. Online streaming solves this problem. People do not have to watch the episodes at that special time but watch them later or at any time they want.  Plus, if someone miss an important line of the episode, he or she can go back and watch it again to get a better understanding of the plot. No matter you are in the US or in Europe, you can always share the feelings of watching this show with others. Whether you watch it or not, the episode is there for you (ubiquity).

Digital Footprint

If you watch Game of Thrones, HBO will know!!! As a precursor in TV network, HBO is professional in keeping track of its users' preference. HBO will make a list of recommended shows based on Users' watching history and the users are most likely to find other shows that they like. Users' watching history will be stored if they are not deleted. "HBO Now" will allow users to resume the episodes at they left off. Other than helping the users, digital footprint will also help HBO to know the status of its episodes to have a better understanding of its shows based on it viewership and produce better ones in the future. These customized services will not be available without digital footprint. 

Economies of Scale

Game of thrones fits perfectly as an example of economies of scale in the characteristics of digitalization. This show costs the producer about 6 millions dollars on average to create one episode and now there are 60 episodes already!!! However, the subscribers will not have to pay that much to watch the episodes. They only need to pay for 14.99$/month and can watch all the 60 episodes of Game of thrones and all other shows on HBO. It costs HBO a lot of money to produce the show, but copying and pasting are cheap. The streaming gives subscribers a chance to access the shows quickly. Although the fixed cost is a lot, comparatively, the variable cost and marginal cost is extremely low for HBO. 

Thank you so much!!!

That is all I want to talk about Game of thrones and its characteristics of digitalization. If you haven't watched this show yet, GOOOO and watch it now!!! 

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