MY Life Story

Who am I you say?

My name is Jalen Lowe and I was born on May 26,2003 and I am 12. I was born around midnight. I am smart,creative in imagination, lazy sometimes, mature most times,and I hate heat. 

About my Family and friends...

My smaller part of my whole family is just my mom,dad,and me so I am a only child:(. My dad buys me all of my game consoles (ps4,ps3,xbox360,wii,wiiu,ds,3ds,) and he takes good care of me and does and will do anything to protect me.My mom is more like a parent who makes sure i dont get sick and makes sure I am doing good in school. 

Things I enjoy about school

The tech at this school is modern and we do not have any budget problems (for ex. poor band excipment,few library books).

Things I enjoy about the community  

We do not have any crimes and we will have a waterpark built soon.

About our state and country that we all love

Things I like about our state is we have Texas only fast food places like whataburger,dairy queen, and they are very good. Our country the USA, has lots of freedom and rights. We are lucky to not have a dictator (but hopefully Donald Trump does not become one).  


1.Over one billion people have a poor amount or no food

2.Sea level is rising (but slowly) RUN TO THE MOUNTAINS

3.The deadly Zika vires

4.Finishing this project on time

You said you want to know what is important to me?

1.Passing School:Well, I need to pass it because I want to get a high school diploma so I dont get min. wage when working at a job in the future. Also most of the time its boring.

2. Stay out of trouble:Well, we all dont like punishments, and I dont like good things taken away from me.  

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