Social Networks as a New Avenue for Communication and Media by Brian Aria

What is a Social Network?

A dedicated website or other application that enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc. (Via google)

How do Social Networks fit in with the characteristics of digitization?

Digital Footprint

  • Depending on the privacy concerns of the  social network user, their identity could be tied to the content of their post, pictures and shares.
  • Issues can arise if someone on a social network like Facebook or Twitter posts something controversial, they may end up in trouble with their employment, school community or friend group for their post.


  • Social networks allow people to transmit information "to many", depending on how many friends or followers they have  
  • People can also comment on others posts and can function on a "one-to-one" basis

Death of Distance

  • Through social networks, people from all over the world can access content. 
  • This also allows communication that would not be possible to happen.
  • Can connect you to old friends who are now far away or you have been out of contact with
  • Allows for easier international communication


  • Overall social networks are a great tool that has truly changed the way we live and communicate.
  • We must remember that it is important to be careful what you post and who you are friends with/follow on these social networks.
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