--> Left for Scandinavia  last summer for two reasons

              - Can not stand the heat

              - Continue research

--> Stereotypical culture in region..... 

              - Invest in non superficial relationships

              - Very efficient 

--> How was I going continue my ethnographic      research with these cultural constraints?

              - Found soccer forums on Google

              - Yik Yak 

              - Meetup

--> Used Meetup in Sweden to find pickup games.

Facilitates Two Things 

1.  Connects people online  

2.  Encourages groups of people to                    meet in person

-->Perfect platform for what I needed to play soccer in a        country where most of the people I knew did not play the sport

General Information = Important First Step

Each Group Has Their Own  Page

Key Features

Easy to Use Message System


Use Mobile Version

Enable Push Notifications

Join Multiple Groups

RSVP Helps You Earn Trust in Your Group

Encourage Friends to Use Meetup


Questions About Sweden/Scandinavia?

Questions About Meetup and How it Works?

--> Feel Free to Ask if You See Me Around <--

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