The history of Thailand food.


Food in Sukhothai, Thailand has relied on evidence from the literature and inscriptions of King Phra Ruang is worlds Lithai. It was mentioned that this food in Thailand. Rice is a staple food By eating with rice The majority of the fish. There are some other meat To cook the word "curry" in the worlds Prarewg the origin of the word. Rice cooker pot Vegetables mentioned in the inscriptions marrow melon and gourds. The sweet dishes using local ingredients such as honey and popped one eat fruit instead of dessert.


This is considered the golden age of Thailand has more contact with foreigners, both east and west from the records of foreigners. Thailand found that people still eat simple fish curry and boiled essentially have estimated that the use of oil in cooking oil from coconut and coconut milk, however, is more than oil or animal fat more. Thailand is a modern food preservation. Such as dried Or make salted fish A food pastes Such as chili paste Animals consume more water than land animals. The animals are not commonly used to kill for food. It is said that the fish curry. The use of spices such as curry, onions, garlic, herbs, spices, sweet and strong. Are expected to be used to the smell of cooking meat. Evidence from a recording of Archbishop foreigners shows that the diet of different nations began to come more to the King Narai, such as Japanese, Portuguese wine, Spanish, Persian and French influence of China is expected to have more. during the late Ayutthaya Thailand to cut ties with the west. So it can be said that the food in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Get food from different cultures. Through both diplomatic and trade relations with other countries. The historical evidence that foreign food is most prevalent in the court. Later, it spread to the public Thailand Food and harmony become the best.

Rattanakosin Era 1 (2325 - 2394).

Food in Thailand is similar to the Thonburi Thailand but serves more than one type is a main dish, dessert and snacks also increased. In Thailand, food is influenced by the food culture of the greater China. And modified foods from Thailand in a letter to the memory of the Princess Royal Trust Devi. Covered deck and the sweet smell of the clergy. Somphoch Emerald Buddha in the great sculptor. (Emerald Buddha) have shown that in addition to food items like vegetables, fish sauce, dried food, Thailand fried asparagus cooked with spices, there are Islamic. Chapter celebrates the epic sing while paddling a boat and watch the sweet smell of King Rama II had. He mentioned several savory and sweet dishes. Thailand, which was reflected in the food court of the most obvious. It shows the nature of the food court in Thailand with cooking smells. And delicately flavored And the importance of the food is very special.

Part savory curries and various dips for appetizers, salad, savory snacks mainly include minced and pounded roasted pork Leaetiig Hruem nest of sweet food, most foods made with flour and eggs are the most common. A dessert that looks like a baked pastry bake Lmehiik and sweets with syrup and coconut milk laced with chilled sweet vermicelli in coconut milk and coconut balls, etc. In addition, Thailand's literary locale. This is a literature that reflects the lifestyle of the era very well. The food of the locals. The noodles are popular solution. And eating rice as a staple food. Rice boiled with different types of curry sauce and roasted foods have a greater variety of both savory and sweet dishes.


From the evidence presented in a gourmet cook. This cookbook is cooking the books, two of Thailand's sun turns Madam Wong found the food culture of Thailand from Sukhothai to the Ayutthaya period. And Thon Buri It also believes that the food would connect Thailand from Thonburi to Rattanakosin period. Through its official social and kinship. Thon Buri and Thailand are similar to the Ayutthaya period. But the more special is the national dish of China [edit] period. Study the history of Thailand in this period by the times. Historians have defined the first generation since the reign of King Rama 1 to 3, and the second since the reign of the fourth until the present reign.

Menu Foods of Thailand and how.

Tom Yum Goong

A large tiger shrimp Or shrimp / mushroom cut in half.

Chili / lime leaves, torn off the stem.

Sliced ​​galangal / lemongrass crushed and cut in pieces.

Sprinkle coriander / sauce 1 tsp.

Lemon 1 child / or coconut milk 1/2 cup.

Sugar 1/2 tablespoon / 1 tbsp fish sauce.

Pinch of salt / soup (if there is a soup made with water).


First, peeled shrimp, cut out the black line to wash. Combine soup, shredded pepper, ginger, galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and mushrooms ready.

Bring broth to a boil to a boil. Put the soup gone. Boil again, add shrimp prepared to do.

After putting shrimp into sauce, then add sugar, paprika, chili seasoning, like me, who likes to put down. Followed by mushrooms

Turn off the oven, then cooked with lemon (squeezed lemonade tips in boiling water to make it bitter lemon), sprinkle a little salt to the concentrated extract and sour Cambridge even more.

A serving bowl, sprinkle chopped vegetables, add the onion.

Fish sauce

2 steamed fish, fried satisfaction. But the very

Peel the shallots 5-8 head

1 head garlic, peeled Thailand

Hot chilli 15-20 beads or red pepper or spicy taste.

Garnish with lemon flavored powder (if you like) sauce.

Add onion, celery, vegetables, soy mint leaves.

Salads are served with chili

How do fish sauce

Roasted peppers, onion, garlic, cooked Or grilled skewers convenience.

Low roasted together

Add lamb, fish Then lower the resolution

. Taste and season to taste.

Sprinkle the vegetables, then toss to combine.

Eat fresh vegetables eaten a heavy meal instead of dinner. Or eat it as a side dish

Thai noodle shrimp


Prawns 12 (cleaning, peeling).

Chan line (or lines), 90 g.

 50 grams bean sprouts

Guilin tea leaves 2 tbsp (cut to a length of about one inch).

6 tablespoons fish sauce

 6 tbsp oyster sauce

 3 tablespoons tamarind juice (or vinegar).


1. If using the dried The line is soaked plain. (Room temperature) for about 30 minutes.

2. Set the pan on a medium heat Add the prawns and stir until cooked. Hammer eggs into the pan. Turner knocked the yolk broken The egg is cooked, put the sugar, peanut head and Radish Stir until the spices begin to soften and mix all well.

3. Season with fish sauce, oyster sauce and tamarind juice (or vinegar) Add bean sprouts, radish and chili powder. (If you like spicy) Stir all ingredients together quickly over a plate decorated with fresh bean sprouts, chili powder, lime and side dishes should serve as a heat source.

Curry chicken


Green curry paste 1/4 cup

 350 g chicken (cut into small bite).

 1 1/4 cups coconut milk

 1/4 cup basil leaves

 2 baby eggplant (cut into small pieces).

1/2 cup chicken broth

 2 tablespoons sugar, coconut (plain or sugar).

 3 tablespoons fish sauce

 Chilli 2 tablets (oblique slices).

 4 kaffir lime leaves

 How to do it step by step

1. 1/2 cup coconut (coconut remaining outstanding used in the next step) on the pan until hot. (Medium heat) until coconut boil for about 3-5 minutes, then add green curry with coconut and stir until the water while the bull down. The Pour all ingredients in a large pot.

2. Bring a large pot over medium heat. Add chicken and stir for about 2 minutes, then add fish sauce, sugar, a further one minute, then add the sliced ​​eggplant. Add the remaining coconut water and chicken broth. Boil for a few minutes until the chicken is cooked. And eggplant suede

3. Add the basil leaves and wait until boiling, then remove from heat. The bowl served with steamed rice. And chili sauce

Masamun curry

1 kg chicken thigh or hip

200 g potatoes cut in 1 ½ inches

200 g carrot cut in the same size

100 g quartered onions

100 g pineapple cut in bite size

200 g massamun curry paste

50 g roasted cashew nut

2 c. coconut cream

3 c. coconut milk

2 tbs. palm sugar

3 tbs. fish sauce

4-5 tbs. concentrated tamarind juice

1.Bring chicken and coconut milk to the boil over very low heat, allow it to boil around 20 minutes.

2.Scope out the coconut milk not the water into the wok, place the wok over medium heat and add the massamun curry paste. Stir well and continue to simmer until  on top. Season with palm sugar and fish sauce.

3.Transfer to the coconut milk and chicken pot and continue to simmer for another 10-15 minutes.

4.Add potatoes and carrot and allow them to cook before adding pineapple and quartered onions, continue to simmer until the pineapple and onion are cook and season once more. Add cashew nut before turning off the heat.

Unique food Thailand

Thailand is a unique and ancestral wisdom that people do not realize this.

Thailand is a popular food both in Thailand and abroad. Is an established and widely known. Seen the success of a restaurant in Thailand abroad. Each dish has a unique charm of Thailand is different. There are a variety of ingredients combine to make a delicious and impressive. Moreover, Thailand is a healthy diet. Use less fat in cooking. Use less meat Vegetables are an important focus The high nutritional value And the properties of the drug at the same time.

The flavor, aroma, color, taste comes naturally from plants, vegetables, flowers, spices and all-natural products.

Classification into three areas: nutrition Thailand (Sri breeding fighting continues, 2547).

1. Nutrition Thailand food, each dish has many nutrients. Each nutrient the body can use to work together, such as vitamin A contained in the eggplant. When put in the curry The body uses vitamin A contained in the eggplant, it must be fat and protein from milk, chicken and so on.

2. The value of vegetables and medicinal herbs as a garnish each plate of food, such as garlic, onion and curry paste in reducing blood cholesterol. Dietary fiber helps sweep eggplant in blood sugar. Pepper makes good blood flow. Dissolves blood clots, lower blood pressure

3. intellectual and cultural values Typically, vegetables, herbs, spices, each with its own unique flavor and style, such as cassia to the bitter. More than any bitter pill because the wisdom of the ancestors. When used as an ingredient of curry curry (Curry was the introduction of many herbs and spices mixed together) milk and foods made from meat and vegetables caused a bitter taste to it.

Thailand has many diverse food flavors in the dish. Each food flavors complement each other as a delicious shrimp soup sour lemon sour soup was reduced with spicy paprika. The spicy shrimp with spicy paprika is reduced. Taste of shrimp are delicious when eaten by grass.

This is a unique restaurant ... Thailand

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