IP Management : How to scale ?


  • Clusterisation (master slave) 
  • Replication
  • Persistence with

  •  log file (AOF)
  • Persistence with snapshot (RDB)

Current Architecture


  • ips-provider-api : requested by targetting loop, sizing for a specific time window ?
  • taskmaster : easy horizontal scalability (lock on country)
  • theWatcher : not an issue
  • sdk-task-server : same as wsback

  • postgres-sql : vertical scalabilty only, depend on subscription import
  • redis : ...

Datas in redis

  • IPs -> Subscriptions : no eviction policy, big scalabilty !
  • Subscriptions -> IPs : idem as previous
  • Stats : no eviction policy, no scalability issue
  • Tasks : no eviction policy, vertical scalability
  • Cache : possible eviction, medium scalabily

Scaling with Redis

  • No native horizontal scalability
  • Vertical scalabilty : means to have a limit...
  • Using couchbase for IPs/Subscription : we loose the SET structure that is very usefull for our system
  • Tweemproxy : means that we can loose keys when adding nodes

IPs / Subscription eviction... serious issue ?

  • For reverse DNS : No ! Even if we loose all keys, will be regenerated quickly and data will be able to work with the day-1 S3 export
  • For DNS : Yes ! If we loose a targetted subscription, we will target no user !
  • BUT => It concerns only campaign's subscription !

Our Solution

  • Split Redis into several clusters (ips->subscriptions, subscriptions->ips, stat, cache, queue)
  • Create a small "safe" redis cluster (memory margin to prevent eviction, replication) that contains only subscriptions -> ips keys
  • DNS request will request first the small cluster, then the "big" one
  • A cluster for all "ips->subscription" and "subscription->ips" behind a twemproxy : add possibility to scale horizontally (but we will loose some keys)

New architecture

Architecture - dev

Sizing objectif

  • Subscriptions : 2 millions (top 1 million Alexa x2 countries)
  • Ips per subscription : 5
  • Total : 10 millions IPs

  • 1 postgres, 2 twemproxy, 12 redis

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