• Disneyland
  • Bessen Haut
  • Hossegor
  • Alassio 


On the 9th June I went to Disneyland Paris,

 it was very fun.

We visited the area with the rides and the studios.

The attraction that I liked most  was the RC Racer, here you got  on a model car that did a 

half loop and came back.


On the 10th of  July I went with the parish to Bessen Haut a little village near Sestriere 

in the mountain.

I staid there for one week in the 

alpine house Giovanni XXIII.

It's been so funny and awesome because there weren't parents but there was a lot of my friends.

Every day we woke up at 7:30 and we did some gymnastics, at 8:30 we eat breakfast. 

After we had some freetime and at 10:30 

we began the activities with the priest.

At 12:30 we eat lunch and after we had more free time. In the afternoon we played football and did volleyball matches and at 7:30 pm we eat dinner after we played some games and go to sleep.


On the 26 of July I left for Alassio a little city in Liguria.

I go there since I was little, because we have a house.

I've been there for 2 weeks, but the second day I got the flu.

The weather was always sunny and the sea calm, clean and without jellyfish. 


On the 19 of August I left for Hossegor, a little village near Biarritz on the Atlantic ocean.

It was great, the beaches were very long and you could not see the beginning nor the end. Hossegor is one of the most famous resort in the world for surfing, and there are waves up to seven meters.

I did some surfing lessons with a friend 

who has a surf house there.

The sunsets in Hossegor were amazing, the sun setting over the sea and then disappearing, leaving the dark of the night, it was so romantic.

during the holidays, I met my classmate Matilde Bresso, so we spent a day together at the beach.

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Barabino_My summer holidays

by nicolettarandazzo


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