Moving to Mars?

By: Parker B

How will the atmosphere affect plant life?

How will the soil effect plants?

How will we get water on Mars?

Water on Mars

Scientists have found water on Mars but the water is frozen underneath the north and south polar ice caps.  Some water will have to be taken to Mars. But NASA found a way to recollect water from urine at a 90% recovery rate.

The Soil on Mars

How will soil effect plants on Mars?

The soil on Mars is different but scientists managed to harvest ten crops in Mars like soil. They grew  tomatoes, rye, radishes, peas, leeks, spinach, garden rocket, cress, quinoa, and chives. Scientists  simulated the Mars soil with Hawaiian volcanic soil. They did need to add fertilizer.

The Atmosphere


Plants on mars are going to be grown in a greenhouse and so we will need artificial light.


Mars is very cold the highest it can get up to is 60 degrees F and can get as low as -100 degrees F. So plants will have to grow in a heated greenhouse.


Plants need carbon dioxide which is plentiful on Mars but they will need some oxygen provided.


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Growing Plants on Mars

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