Magellan was born in 1480 in

Portugal. He was the first sailor to circumnavigate the seas.

Magellan was the first sailor to cross the Pacific Ocean.

He discovered the Philippines  

where we was also killed in  what is known as the battle of Mactan.

Portuguese   adventurer  Ferdinand Magellan   (1480-1521) was  the first  explorer to sail around South America to reach the Pacific Ocean.Magellan  set off  from Spain in 1519, with five ships

and 260  men.He sailed down

to  the southern tip of South    America and found a passage

through  to the Pacific,   now called  the strait of Magellan.

Magellan thought it  would take a few days to cross  the Pacific.

In the  Philippines,  Magellan

was killed  in a fight with local  people but  one of his  ships reached Spain in 1522.It was the first boat to sail all the way around the World.

The ships sailed through the Strait of  Magellan.

One ship  was wrecked and one returned to Spain.

One ship was captured in indonesia,  leaving just one ship to sail back to Spain.

 As Magellan's ships  sailed South the  weather turned bad and cold. On top of that,  they had  not brought  enough  food.Some of the sailors decided to mutiny and tried to steal three of the ships.Magellan fought  back,  however, and had  the leaders executed.

Magellan was born 1480 in 

Portugal and you now that Portugal is n Europe.

Magellan was killed ,   leaving two ships to continue  the  voyage.

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