Bobsleigh in Switzerland

Bobsleigh was first originated in the 19 century in  Switzerland.The brakeman is always the last person in the sled. The sled can go up to 90 mph. There are two different kinds of races and on one date they will have the two man bobsleigh race and then a week later they will have the four man Bobsleigh  race.In bobsleigh they have 4 different heats.The equipment needed for bobsleigh is a high tech sled and a helmet.The course is 1200 to 1600 meters long.They basic strategy is to try not to hit your brakes while hitting ice or you will spin out, and get in to a big crash. You get scored by what place you come in. If you go off the track you are disqualified from the race. The types of leagues that exist for bobsledding are professional, amateur,cup games, international competition, Olympic Games. The sport originated in Switzerland and over time has become more well know around the world.    


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