Tzvi Gluck

Digital Footprint

  1. The trail or trails that people leave behind online
  2. Every picture, comment, or post you leave on Facebook, will always be left behind
  3. Even if privacy settings are changed, not everything is completely private


Facebook gives you the opportunity to have many different types of communication
  1. One - to - many: The ability to post status updates or post videos, allows you to speak to everybody who is your friend
  2. One - to - one: Direct messaging somebody, the ability to have a personal conversation 
  3. Many - to - one: The ability to like somebody's update or videos
  4. Many - to - many: The comment section on different videos or updates gives the ability for many people to converse about different topics

Death of Distance

  • Facebook has allowed people to communicate and interact with people across the globe
  • It allows people to keep up with what others are doing with their life if they are on the other side of the country or even the world
  • You can communicate over Facebook¬†messenger which allows for the communication at ones own convenience

Do you share too much?

  • Be careful of what you put online. Not everything is protected as well as you may assume
  • There are always ways for your information to be stolen
  • Oversharing on Facebook can lead to many personal risks
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