Concept Maps

A Concept Map can help you:

  • organize ideas and define a research topic
  • see patterns and themes between ideas
  • develop keywords and synonyms to generate search terms 

Your Turn 

1. Create a concept map or if you have already defined your research question/hypothesis write it down 

2. Generate a list of potential keywords

You have 5 minutes... 

Creating Search Strings

Choose Databases 

Books = Library Catalog

Encyclopedia Articles=Gale Virtual Reference

Periodical Articles = Academic Search Complete                                           Science Direct, JSTOR

Health Articles = CINAHL, Medline, PubMed,                                              AltHealth 

Social & Psychology = Psychology & Behavioral                                           Sciences Collection, PsycNET

Identify leading scholars = Web of Science &                                                              Google Scholar

Organize Your Research  

Create a system that works for you:

  • Note Cards
  • Binders/ Folders
  • Word Document
  • Citation Management Tool (EndNote Basic)

Your research system should make it easy for you to find the information you have already found through using library and open web resources.

Need Help...

Research Help - Library

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