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www.wrightslaw.com is a website founded in 1993. It is for parents, teachers and advocates of children with disabilities. It is the leading website discussing special education law. 

The website spawned a blog to help discuss practical applications of special education law in every day circumstances. The website has a lot of legal-ese which the blog does a great job of explaining.

The blog discusses IEPs, eligibility under IDEA and 504 and nearly every type of diability... 

They are on Facebook...


And Youtube

 Let's watch a portion of this video and let Pete give an example of what he does... 

Wright's Law has 15+ years of positive reviews. They are ranked #1 by many sources for information about education law, special education law and special education advocacy

Whether or not you are a Special Ed teacher, you will probably have special needs kids in your class. Wright's Law is the best way to familiarize yourself with what is required of teachers 

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