Swimming in Serbia

 Swimming originated in Serbia in 1896 because of the Olympic games had swimming. The general rules are that you have to stay in the lane you started the race in and that you may touch the bottom of the pool, but you can't walk.There are not a specific amount of players in competitive swimming because it depends on how many teams there are.

Competitive swimming doesn't have a length it ends when all the competitors have finished. You score in swimming by beating the other competitors to the other side of the pool. The short course pools are 25 meters long and the long course pools are 50 meters long. The basic strategy for competitive swimming is make an unexpected move that will upset your opponent.   

Swimmers may not push off the bottom of the pool and they may not pull on the lane lines, if you do these thing you get disqualified . The swimmers use goggles, lap cards, starting blocks, swimming caps, swim suits, and touch pads. There is professional swimming, Olympic swimming, and national swimming. The butterfly became a stroke, the freestyle flip turn changed, and goggles and swimming caps were invented. 

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