Planck's life before moving to the U.S

  • Planck was born in Kiel Germany on April 23th, 1858.
  • His parents were Julius Wilhelm and Emma Planck.
  • His father was a Professor of Constitutional Law
  • Planck studied at the Universities of Munich and Berlin in 1879.

- Max Planck immigrated to New York from Germany in 1890's. 

-After moving coming to the United States he met his partner Isaac Harris who was also a Jewish immigrant. 

What is Black Body Radiation???

-Black Body is an object that emits thermal radiation and absorbs all the incoming light but does not reflect any. At room temperature they appear black.

-Black Body Radiation is the spectral density of electromagnetic radiation. 

-Electromagnetic Radiation is the visible light, radio wave, gamma rays and X-rays, in which electric and magnetic field vary simultaneously

Radiation in the Human Body

How it works...

-When Blackbodies are heated up they begin to radiate the infrared spectrum and will slowly begin to glow.


  • The equation for finding the black body radiation of an object involves the Boltzman constant (KB), Planck constant (h) and the speed of light (c).

  • By comparing the temperature of the blackbody object to the velocity3 divided by the speed of light2, you can find the wavelength. By comparing it to the chart on the left you can discover the color that would be emitted.

What is Blackbody Radiation Video!!

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How Blackbody Radiation Helps With Chemistry Today.

  • It helps expand our knowledge of chemistry and physics.
  • Also it helps us figure out the amount of light emitted from each square centimeter of solar surface.
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