Squash in Pakistan  

By:Abigail Carnahan

Squash originated at Harrow school in 1830.  Squash is a racket sport played by four players in a four-walled court, the players alternate in hitting the ball against the walls, and quart.  

The first game of Squash lasted 75 minutes. Games are usually are longer than ten minutes but shorter than one hour.  If the server wins a rally he scores a point.   A Squash quart is 9,75 meters in length,and 6,4 meters in width.   

Some squash tactics are :decision making skills, court craft/court sense  game analysis, and racket skills.  Some penalties are: you may be suspended from the games, fined, and/or will forfeit any grant money you                                            have received.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

In squash you use a racket, balls, and need eye protection.  The rackets are made of metal and are usually sixty centimeters long.  The balls are made of rubber and way twenty five grams.  Eye protection is poly-carbonate goggles.     

There are professional leagues for squash.  There are also amateur leagues,    and the world open.  

Squash balls used to be kid rubber balls.  Now they come in many different styles.  Some are for grip, sleekness, and speed.  The rules have never changed in squash.  The quart has.  When it originated, it was a floor, and three walls.  Now it is a four walls and the floor. 

Original rackets used to be made of wood, with a round head.  Now rackets have a tear drop shape and are made of  aluminium and graphite.

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