Being A Product Of The Product

What does this mean??

Be proof that our products work! This is one of the vital behaviours and something that should be a priority for you every day.

You do not have to be in perfect shape, you do not have to have lost 100 lbs, and you do not have to have a perfect transformation to be proof that our products work. All you have to do is use the products yourself. If you don’t buy anything and you are just trying to “sell” stuff you are going to come off as a creepy sales person.

Do not be an under cover coach

You are becoming a billboard for your business, and a walking testimony that our products work. So share with everyone that the products you are using is changing your life daily!! Be super public about the great things that you are doing with your life so others can get excited with you. When you start sharing your story for everyone to see you are going to get people asking what’s going on with you.  


Shakeology has improved:

1) My digestion

2) My skin

3) My hair

4) Curbs my chocolate cravings

5) Is quick to make

6) Makes me feel good on days when my toddler is picky

7) Helps me control my coffee intake



How to answer...

To help you answer these questions that everyone will be coming to you with,  I want you to finish these three sentences:

1) I started using Beachbody products because…

2) I’m so happy I did that because…

3) And now as a coach, I’m going to…


Share you ups and downs!!  Do not try to create a picture of perfection - no one relates to that.

You do not have to LOVE everything we have available, but the more products you are familiar with, the more you can speak on from your experiences vs going on someone else’s word.  And this means you are gona be able to talk to someone with authenticity.

How...? TBC

Go into the back office and make a list of things that you want to try.

Then as your business grows (and you start making money) start to put some investments back into your business and try different products. Be real with your reviews. If you LOVE everything people are going to hear you as white noise. The reason we have such a variety of workout programs and workout personalities from our trainers is because we realize that different people are going to relate to different things.

Be Real!

Be familiar with as many products as you can. Be real and be genuine cause if you are not, people will see right through you and that is not the type of business we are trying to run.

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to share what you are going through.

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