Enterprise IOT Platform Market

IOT is becoming one of the most relevant categories in the enterprise.

However, with hype comes confusion. From sensors to complete platforms,

the enterprise IOT market is incredibly crowded making it incredibly

difficult for enterprises to evaluate and select the right technology

for their scenarios. Ironically, only a small percentage of the enterprise technologies

in the market can be considered enterprise-ready.​

IOT platforms is very different when evaluated in a consumer or enterprise context.

In the consumer market, IOT platforms
are focused on areas like home automation
that typically involve a large number of tenants
but a relatively small number of devices per tenant. ​

Contrary to that, enterprise IOT platforms
are mostly used on industrial settings
involving tens of thousands of devices per tenant
but the number of tenants can be small
compared to consumer solutions.

When evaluating IOT technologies,
organizations should consider a set of key
capabilities that are fundamental building
blocks of enterprise IOT solutions.
Specifically, we think the following functional
areas should be part of any enterprise IOT solution

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