The Blue Whale

By: Christian Nguyen

Characteristics of a Blue Whale

- they are marine mammals 

- at 98 feet in length and 200 tons, they

are the largest creature to ever roam the seas

- their colors vary in being shades of light grey

and light blue

- they rely on a shrimp like organism

call krill, a fully grown adult can eat up to

4 tons of krill each day

- blue whales are baleen whales, meaning

they have fringed plates of finger like

material called baleen


   The blue whales are critically endangered species and 

is estimated that there are only 1500 left on the planet. Ship strikes

are a primary threat to all whales. Large ships can reach high speeds

and easily run into a whale. The whale will then bleed to death, and 

wash on shore the next day. This happens when these whales migrate

to the tropics, to breed and give birth. The ships have no way to turn, 

or slow down to stop from hitting it. Whaling is also a large threat to

whales. In some foreign markets, whale meat is still available.

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