Crohn's Disease 

By: Anthony and Connor

What are the risk and behaviors for the disease?

 - It inflames your intestines 

 - Can effect digestive system anywhere from mouth to anus 

 - Frequent within men and women in early 20's but can effect any age

 - Remission is possibly 

 - The disease is more common in relatives of patients 

What are the symptoms of the disease?  

 - Pain in the right side of the abdomen

 - Mimics the appendicitis pain

 - Diarrhea 

 - Blood in diarrhea 

 - Tears in the anal tissue 

 - Infections in the anus 

What kind of treatments can you get for this disease? 

 - Antibiotics 

 - Corticosteroids 

 - Medications that suppress body immunity 

 - Low fiber diet recommended

 - Use of antidiarrheal 

What are prevention tips?

 - Hard to prevent

 - Mostly runs in families 

 - Can take medication to control it 

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