Bunkr Presentation App

Mateus Souza

How To Use Bunkr

  • Bunkr is an alternative presentation app that offers many new innovative features into the presentation world. 
  • To Use Bunkr is very easy it's just like PowerPoint or Google Slides but just offers more shortcuts for the user.
  • Pictures and other media are also much easier to add with the shortcut button put on every slide.
  • I see Bunkr as a presentation that tries to make everything easier by adding shortcuts to it all.  


Some of the Unique features that Bunkr has to offer is:

1. Ease of Access

2. Custom auto correct 

3. Better access to  Third Party Features

4. Better Picture and Background quality. 

5. More Shortcuts

Do I like it?

Would I recommend this Presentation app to others?

- I would only recommend this app to people who need to whip up a presentation in a short amount of time.

The shortcuts are easy to use and nice but it also limits the amount of detail that the presenter can go into for their presentation.

- I did like the ease of use the app had to offer but I would not switch this to my daily driver for presenting/.  

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How to export your presentation

Please use Google Chrome to obtain the best export results.

How to export your presentation

How to Use Bunkr

by mateuss


Public - 8/22/16, 3:51 PM