Dakota and Jonathan

Vietnam Traps 

Punji Trap- A pit used as a trap filled with sharp sticks used to catch pig carcass's, one of the most useful traps used during this time period.

Side closing Punji trap- Most basic trap due to its minimum cost, small holes dug into the ground and a nail board would be placed in the sides to inflict more damage.

Mace Trap- A trap that consists of a concrete ball with spikes or a spiked log, that would be triggered by a trip wire and impale the soldier.

Spike Board Trap- Used with a pit and consist of a treadle board, when the treadle is stepped on a spike is triggered and will stab them in the chest or in the legs.

Door Trap- Two lengths of bamboo with the cross section heavily spiked and is suspended above the door or opening a wire trap.

Whip Trap- Constructed out of bamboo with spikes attached to one end, the bamboo pole is bent and held in an arched position by a catch device triggered by a trip wire stretched across the trap.

Tiger Trap- Consist of a weighted spike studded board, The action is usually by means of a trip wire stretched across the path or track underneath the trap.

Venus Fly Trap- rectangular frame with overlapping barbs placed in a pit on trails or a rice padi.

Grenade Trap- placed along likely paths traveled with two steaks imbeaded on both sides.

Cartridge Trap- A section of pipe or bamboo with a hole in the bottom with a tack nailed through and a cartridge on top with the round slightly above ground

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