Online Shopping .... New Era of Retail

Online shopping has increasingly become a main source of shopping for people. The ability to purchase products without leaving the comfort of your home!

Online Shopping and Digitization

  • Based on the patterns of previous purchased products, or even products you've searched on the website online websites can suggest items that you might be interested in purchasing.

Death of Distance

  • Online shopping lets people have access to the same product (s) regardless of geographic location.
  • Brands are also able to market to customers outside their specific markets. Resulting in brand exposure.
  • Ex: Now someone in Turkey can have the same exact pair of shoes as someone in New York.

Economies of Scale

  • There's no need for a brick and mortar location. It's cheaper to rent a warehouse and stock your products.
  • This decreases marginal costs such as labor. There is no need to pay someone to work for you.
  • One Click and Ship!
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Online Shopping...New Era of Retail

by rcniazi


Public - 5/7/16, 1:27 AM