Tay - Sachs Disease 


  •  Is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder 

A progressive fatal genetic condition that affects the nerve cells in the brain 


Occurs when neither of the parents HEXA (Tay-Sachs) genes work properly because of a mutation (harmful change)


Blood Tests

Infantile Tay–Sachs disease   - infants appear to develop normally for the first six months after birth. Then, as neurons become distended  a relentless deterioration of mental and physical abilities begins. 

  • The child may become blind, deaf, unable to swallow, atrophied, and paralytic. Death usually occurs before the age of four.

Juvenile Tay–Sachs disease  - is rarer than other forms of Tay–Sachs, and usually is initially seen in children between two and ten years old. 

  • People develop cognitive and motor skill deterioration. Death usually occurs between the age of five to fifteen years.

Adult/Late-Onset Tay –  A rare form of this disease, usually has its first symptoms during the 30's or 40's. 


No cure 
Control some symptoms 

Proper nutrition and hydration 

Comfort measures 


  1. First discovered in a Jewish family (ethnicity)
  2. Nervous system shuts down 
  3. strikes 1 in 3600 births

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