We open daily at 6:30 and close at 3:30. 

On Wednesday, we close at 12:30.

Scan your Student ID when you enter the library. 

On the computers...

Do you need to visit the library 

on your off hour or lunch hour?

You must get a pass from your teacher or the library first. 

We can also give you a permanent pass. 

When you visit us, 

the library is split 

into two sides...

Left Side (Study Side):

Blue Class, Blue Lab, Biographies, and Nonfiction

Right Side:

Black Class, Black Lab, Reference, Textbooks, College & Career Books, etc.

In the center, you'll find fiction, space to study, and magazines!

Check the daily schedule to see which sides are available.

Some things to help you out...

Password and Database Information is posted.

And, it's posted on the library website. bit.ly/libraryMRHS

Find out where your teachers and classes are here.

Find your 

teachers during 

Access Time, too!


Ask Mrs. LaRue -->

Visit the Library's Website:


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Library Orientation

by tricialarue


Public - 8/18/15, 8:34 PM