Speed Skating in Belarus

The History Of Speed Skating

   Speed Skating originated as a way to get to a place really fast by the Dutch. This goes as far back as the 13th century. The first official speed skating events were not held until 1863 in Oslo, Norway. It made its debut in the winter Olympics in 1924.    

General Rules of The Sport

            Speed skating is a very serious sport, and this is how it is played. they race around a indoor, 111- meter track. some of the people can reach speeds of 30 mph. there are 4-6 skaters on the ice at one time. thee winner is determiner by order of finish. there do 500 meter races all the way to 1500 meter races. 

The Basic Strategy

          The basic strategy of speed skating is different for every athlete. They many choose to go really fast so there opponents get tired. There also might depend on there strength and there skills.

Equipment For Speed Skating

    The equipment you need for speed skating is long blade, glasses, clap skate, racing suit, and armband colours.

Speed Skating Leagues

Speed skating is in The Olympias, and international.

Rules And Penitalies of Speed Skating

Ther are many rules in some of them are Pushing, blocking,tripping or otherwise causing an impediment for another skater.


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