- Innocent's history
- Innocent's ethics

- Social media communication
- Charity communication
- Old & cross media communication

- Conclusion

Innocent's history

Richard Reed,

Adam Balon

and Jon Wright

from Cambridge University

Started in 1998

Approuved in a music festival

Started in 1998 and now owned by Coca-Cola

- Mainly sold in hypermarkets

- Leader in France and UK

Innocent's ethics

Fight against the obesity and to promote a balanced diet.

Guarantee the consumption of fresh fruit without additive in ecological packaging.

Reduce his ecological impact on the society and the environment

Have a positive impact on the planet

Innocent's ethics

Giving back 10% of their profit to NGOs

Innocent’s foundation

Slogans :

"always ready to chat" &

"nothing but fruit"

Social media communication

Presence on :

- Old media

- Social networks

- Interaction, shares, likes, discutions

Twitter (222k followers)

Simple text updates and increased use of video.

“try to respond to everyone that needs a response”

Funny and innovative content


Facebook (543k fans)

Illustrations, funny videos and photos, cute furry animals

Nothing that explicitly talks about their product

Secondary hub (behind their Twitter account)

Personalized communication for each country


"Innocent super smoothiesinnocent super smoothies - bursting with good stuff"

"It’s Easter. Chicks are hatching. Rabbits are hopping. Satsumas are turning into snails. Springtime in all its glory"

Instagram (57,7k subscribers)

Same things on Instagram that on Facebook but only pictures and videos

The amount of content and engagement is higher

the #innocentsmoothies hashtag has over 5 times


"Innocent we make our smoothies by finding the best fruit. Blending it up. And putting it in a bottle. It's not rocket science"

"Innocent Charlie shared this with us a while back, proving her grate taste in both dogs and smoothies"

Pinterest (6k followers)

Posts about people, events, contests (kids

 packaging contest)

Eating season guide of May, providing advices about season vegetables and fruits

Linkedin (32k followers) & Vine (8,5k followers)

Extremely simple and regularly post professional news

(no cute furry animals here)

Their Vines are creative, different and are subliminal marketing message. Like on the other social networks

Charity communication

To fight against hunger in the world and optimize resources

 throught their own fundation.

“Put your bonnet”

  collect knitted hats by charitable souls putted above bottles of smoothies.

0.20 cents are donated to small brothers of the poor for every bottle sold.

Old and cross media communication

Eco-friendlier TV ads

(natural products, biodegradable bottles and encourages the recycling of gestures)

Cross media campaigns :

“Here to save the peckish” (the largest campaign Innocent made)


“Digital is the perfect place to show that the brand is alive” Adrien Deydier

They use this new way of communicating significantly compared to their competitors

They managed to create a real identity on internet

The digital communication of Innocent is an important part of the company’s global strategy

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