Archery in Finland 

Samantha Musgrove

Archery in Finland

Archery is a sport involving shooting arrows with bow, either at an inanimate target or in hunting. They play 10 summer games in 9 country's. Finland first participated at the Olympic Games in 1908, and has sent athletes to compete in every Summer Olympic Games and every Winter Olympic Games since then. Finland was also the host nation for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. Finland and Sweden are the only nations that have earned medals at every Olympic Games (summer and winter) since 1908.


Archery can be held inside or outside. Inside rounds are normally sot at one distance, outside rounds are shot at many distances. Whistle commands are used to signal the different phases of shooting or an 'end' . Two whistle blasts means archers can approach the shooting line. One whistle blast means archers can begin shooting. The archers are not allowed to collect their arrows whilst other archers are shooting. The signal to collect your arrows is three whistles from the field captain. Also the command fast means stop and return the upshot arrow to your quiver. 

There are only two different leagues for archery they have 18 and under are the the juniors  and the 19 and  up are the seniors.

Archery first became a sport in  1904. It was also one of the first sports to allow women to participate. Archery from then and now hasn't changed much. Now instead of just one match there are four.


Instinctive shooting is a style of shooting that includes the bare bow aiming method that relies heavily upon the subconscious mind proprioception and motor/muscle memory to make aiming adjustments; a term used to refer to a general category of archers who did not use a mechanical or fixed sight.


Stander FITA targets are marked with 10 individually evenly spaced concentric rings witch has generally are scoured 1-10 assigned to them, except in outdoor imperial rounds under GNAS   rules where they have score values 1,3,5,7 and 9. In additions there is a inner 10 ring sometimes called the X ring. This becomes the 10 ring indoors and outdoors it serves as a tie breaker the player with the most X wins. Also the player with the most arrows on the board can be a tie breaker.


The modern target bow varies in length according to the height of the archer. The archer usually carries arrows in a quiver, a container hung over their shoulder or hung from a belt.  A glove or finger protector shields the fingers used to draw the bowstring back, and a bracer is fitted to the inside forearm of the bow arm to protect against the released bowstring. 


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