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Technology Landscape


   Technology impacts and influences in many ways depending on the circumstances and experiences of each of us.  Growing up a technological advancement was the change from black and white to color television (I miss black and white) and the introduction of cable.  The IBM electric and then selectric are still considered in my youth to be a "wow" technological advancement.  As a teenager I delivered airlines tickets as my part-time job at my parent's travel agency and remember first how modern that the agency was no longer writing airlines tickets but receiving them through a tele ticket method and then the introduction of SABRE computers to make make reservations directly with the airlines from the remote location.  The first computer I received for word processing was an Amstrad brand and I remember Radio Shack and Sears as the forerunners of selling computers-and then came Apple.

   As a young teacher I was soon informed and introduced to the box type Apple SE which my district told I could take and use at home to prepare lessons, student handouts and other classroom materials-how I miss that small screened home computer-the first real pc.  Moving on to a gradebook program and still not trusting the early floppy drive driven software I either out of habit or foolishly kept a hard copy of grades in my "red grade book" just in case.

   Today I take for granted how connected I am through technology in the classroom from attendance, to instructional delivery the technology world, the digital presence and innovation becoming common and the mainstay of my classroom.

Hardware Tools


At school I primarily use a laptop based computer system (both PC and Apple) at my desk and on my podium.  Our campus moved away from desktop setups a couple of years ago so our computing can become mobile for both instruction and professional development.  On the personal side I still use a desktop computer at home (sometimes).  And we have some iPads on order to use with the D2L apps.


I have access to a number of laser printers at school in my classroom and in the two different labs I use for the blended classroom. As a backup I can use other printers in the social studies department and in the front office I have access to a color laser printer.  All computers at school are networked and wireless.


I have access both at school and home to a scanner but rarely use today since most of the instructional materials I use are either self-created, downloadable or through our learning management system. 


I use my InFocus projector every day-every period even have it mobile if I need to take it to the computer lab for instruction.   My projector connects easily to the SmartBoard which provides the opportunity to use interactive presentations, student created projects and great background for film and television viewing replacing the pull-down screen.

Software and Digital Online Tools

Microsoft Office

School, home and other school again the different tools of Microsoft Office are used every day.  Word, Power Point and Excel are integrated into all aspects of instruction, learning and professional responsibilities.

Instructor Resources

Textbook publishers provide instructor resources (both in cd format and online) that includes unit and chapter summaries and briefs, power point lectures, assessment and review materials, test banks, graphics and links.  


I use to create and organize my instructional planning, to create quizzes and exams, to access support materials for my AP US Government classes and collaborate through our online community/discussion boards with other APUSG teachers across the country.

Districts Systems

For attendance and grades the uses Synergy which has different views (TeacherVue, StudentVue, ParentVue, AdministratorVue, Special EducationVue and ITVue).  Our LMS is Brightspace by D2L which is new to the district-I am in the middle of a huge learning curve with the new system.

Contributing or Consuming

   I am constantly seeking new ways of digital and technological formats for instructional use.  This semester has been a challenge.  All campus techs were moved to the central office and all technology needs have to be requested through work orders.  Since our department has two labs for blended learning I am constantly checking and requesting work orders for those labs.  We share different digital tools that both teachers and students can use (I signed up for a Quizlet account the other day since I found quite a bit of support material) and every day we discuss what is going on with Synergy and how we discover "all the time" and do things on Brightspace.  

   During our campus professional development day I presented to teachers in rotating small groups how Brightspace can be integrated into the classroom.  There is no way that I can contribute to how technology is used unless I am also a consumer of technology.  However I need to be able to test out, accept trial by error and set myself up in a position of recommending technology and digital tools. Diagnoses of problems, solving those problems and integration are key components of contributing for myself and in collaboration with colleagues as we have naturally formed our own technology and digital learning network (I think I just realized this).

   In a high school teachers usually stay current through collaboration.  One of the ideas I have been floating around is organizing a Technology/Digital Literacy PLC (Professional Learning Community) with teachers on the campus (maybe even other campuses). 

Digital Sources

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Abstract High Tech Blue Background by Vector Graphics available at

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MoonBook Laptop by dchest available at

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Armijo Juan Technology Landscape

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