Digitization: WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross- platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS

How Many People Are Using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp have ONE billion user by the date of 2/1/2016 and it is actively growing

What Are The Digitization Characteristics of WhatsApp?

Digital Footprint
Timeless Time
Death of Distance
Poly- Directionality

Digital Footprint

When you begin to sign up the account for WhatsApp, it will ask you for the phone number and your name

In addition, WhatsApp will automatically import the other users' information from your contact book, so that you can start your conversation right away

One of the features in WhatsApp is share location,and you can share your location with your friends

Timeless Time

It allows synchronous (real time) and or in an asynchronous manner

You are able to send a message to your friend whenever you like

In WhatsApp, you can check have your friend read your message or not

Death of Distance

WhatsApp allows you to talk with people that are across the world

When President Lincoln elected, it took 7 DAYS AND 17 HOURS to the message to be delivered from East to West

In 2016, it only take couple seconds to receive message if you have good internet

Poly Directionality

Another feature of WhatsApp is you can message to one to one or one to many

For example, I will create a group on WhatsApp when I am inviting my friends to come to my house. I will add everyone who are coming to the group and it makes so mcuh easier when it comes to arrange the time to meet up or what food should we get


WhatsApp have made communication so much easier to a lot of people

At the beginning of April 2016, Whatsapp have updated one of the feature which is end to end encryption. It means WhatsApp and third parties cannot read or listen to them

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