Instagram: Digitization of the Photo Album

Death of Distance


-Needed to be next to a person to share a photo album

-Send it to them by snail mail

-Have it publish in print, then distributed over time


-Instagram allows you to share photos with all your followers and the now over 300 million users 

-Other photo sharing services/apps also do this, services like Flickr and VSCO but not as many users

-Upload the second you are doing something (instantaneous photo sharing)

Poly Directionality

  • One to One: Direct Messaging of photos and videos
  • One to Many: One user posting to profile for all to see
  • Many to One: Companies or collective profiles sending direct message to one user
  • Many to many: Companies or collective profiles posting to profile for all to see


All of these effects are related. With increased digital footprint (mass amounts of users) one person can post/share an image instantaneously (death of distance) to all users (public post) or to just one user (direct message).

Companies like National Geographic and ASOS can also share media publicly and directly (poly-directionality)

Fun Facts


Instagram is a social media sharing service that has revolutionized/advanced how we share images and video with friends, family, and the world.  

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Instagram digitization

by amaiariana


Public - 5/7/16, 2:39 PM