Mag writing 10/18





Writing exercise

  • Think about a moment having to do with food, probably in the past week or so. 
  • Write down every detail you remember about that moment. Should be coherent, but not a well-organized story.
  • Share it with me as Dropbox Paper; name it "Food exercise."


  • Headlines and bylines
  • Fact-checking: make sure key points like biographical details are solid
  • Make every word count

  • Make fixes based on my edits now
  • We'll use them to practice revising and incorporating story elements
  • No grades til November

Quotes (quotations)

  • Put quotes in their own paragraphs.

  • “This is how you you write a quotation,” said Welch Suggs, who teaches journalism at the University of Georgia. “You put it in its own paragraph. You complete the first thought and break the quote with a comma so that you can attribute it to the original speaker. Then you finish the quote in the rest of the paragraph.”

NOT: Welch Suggs said, “This is how you write a quotation…”

NOT: Welch Suggs teaches journalism at the University of Georgia. “This is how you write a quotation. You complete..."

NOT: explains, stated, laughed, commented, etc.

SAID or SAYS (keep tenses consistent throughout)

Profile partners (round 1)

Maryann, Daisy, Kelcey

Lisa and Rachel

Shelby and Katie

Sam and Libby

Sandra and Nathan


Get with your partner(s) and quickly decide: Which is the best lede from your assignment from last night?

The worst ledes are...

  • Vague
  • Trite
  • Unfocused

The best ledes are...

  • Specific
  • Original
  • Tightly focused on main character/topic

For next time

 Critique each other’s profile’s ledes and nut grafs along the following lines:

What kind of lede is it?

Does it highlight the main character in the story?

Does it draw the reader into the story?

Does it work with the headline?

Does the nut graf hook you in and make you want to read the rest of the story?

Share with your partner and me as Dropbox Paper by Oct. 19.

Nut graf exercise

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Mag writing 10/18

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