Skeleton By: Lizzy Dumas

Skeleton in Romania is a very crazy sport.  This sport is a winter time trial sport.  The maximum sled weight for a man is 43 kg (94.8 lb).  The maximum sled weight for a woman is 35 kg (77.2 lb).  The track length is 1.270 km (0.79 mi) and has 12 turns.

 This winter sport has someone riding in a small sled, also known as a skeleton bobsled. The person on the bobsled, would slide across  a frozen track face down on the skeleton sled.  This sport includes one person riding on the  bobsled.

Scoring a Point

The way you score a point in skeleton, is when you finish the track not hurt, and at a short time.  When you finish the track you hope you were ahead of other competitor's scores.  Except sometimes, you are in last place.  If you do beat the other's scores then you get a flag around your back and get cheer on!

Dimensions of a  Skeleton Track

The length of the track is 800–1,200 mm (31.5–47.2 in) and the height is 80–200 mm (3.1–7.9 in).

Equipment and History

Some of the equipment is that you have to have brakes and bumpers.  You also have to have bumpers on the front and the back.  Some other things you would need are gloves, handles, a helmet, a racing suit, the correct shoes, and a sled.

Skeleton racing involves going head-first down a steep and horrifying ice track on a tiny sled. It is considered the world's first sliding sport.


You cant really get a foul in the sport Skeleton but you can get

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