Figure Skating

Figure Skating began in the later part of the 19th century

In Europe because of an American ballet master named

Jackson Haines.  

Figure Skating is a sport and activity in which individuals,

duos, and/or groups perform on skates on ice. The

performances include dancing and tricks.


-There are no actual rules

-Respect the Arena's Property

-No kicking, digging holes, scraping or

stomping on the ice

-No verbal language


(2 minutes, 50 seconds in length at the Olympic level)

(Free Skate 4 to 4 minutes and 30 seconds) 


 judges use to use a 6.0 scoring system, where judges

gave each skater two marks (one for technical, one for performance).  The Skaters marks are added up and

skaters are given an ordinal number from that judge. This system is still used today in lower competition levels. However higher competitions (Olympics) use

the IJS system (International Scoring System).

Rink Dimensions

Olympic-sized rinks have dimensions of 30 m × 60 m (98.4 ft × 197 ft), NHL-sized rinks are 26 m × 61 m (85 ft × 200 ft), while European rinks are sometimes 30 m × 64 m (98 ft × 210 ft).


Figure skates with blades


-Japan Figure Skating Championships

-Olympic Games

You only need to watch the video starting at 30 seconds :)

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