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How do we control our dreams? 

How To Control Your Dream (While You're Sleeping) 

The article begins by explaining that lucid dreams are dreams in which you know you're dreaming when you;re dreaming. Did I say "dream" enough just then? A lucid dreamer is able to go to sleep at night, and wake up within their own dream. Having lucid dreams is the first step to being able to control your dreams weather it be before you sleep or while you're sleeping. 

Further Controlling Your Dreams

In this article, there is more elaboration about what exactly you can do to control what you do, what you see, how to find dream objects, and how to talk to your unconscious self. This articles emphasizes that controlling your dreams  is a matter of being able to talk the same language as your unconscious mind.

In both articles, and others found, it's now a given that lucid dreams, ones where we can think "this is a dream", are the types of dreams  we are able to manipulate. It's also apparent that controlling your dreams is not a simple matter of following steps or a specific formula. Rather there are lists of specific techniques to try when attempting to communicate to your unconscious self. According to the first article, Huffington Post, there are actual benefits in some cases after successfully manipulating your dreams. For example experiencing a drastic alteration of their perspectives, meaning they realize that there is much more to reality than they currently understand. All in all, controlling your dreams is possible and is a challenging, exciting, harmless thing to do. 


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