Human and the Environment-Making an impact

By Quinten Morris

Acid Rain/ Black Forest

A small portion of SO2 and NOx is what causes acid rain. Most of the stuff that makes acid rain are burning fossil fuel and volcanoes. Wind also blows pollution and spreads it out. Acid rain can be in any form of participation. Acid rain can be in wet or dry forms.

Chernobyl disaster  

The nuclear reactor went off on 26 April 1986. The explosion blew the roof off and gas flew out and spread all over. It quickly spread to other parts of the USSR. In a couple of weeks 30 people had died.It is now know as one of the worst nuclear disaster.   

BP Oil spill

The name of the oil rig was deep water horizon. It caused a lot of problems when it exploded. One of those was the sea food market, it killed most of the fish in the area.   

Hurricane Katrina 

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst to ever hit the us. Around 1833 people died due to the hurricane. It first hit on August 29 2005. It cost the us near 108 billion dollars.  


Most monsoons are in the India ocean.Monsoon blow from cold region to warm. India and south Asia depend on monsoon for agricultural purpose. India and Asia have dry and wet seasons.   

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